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We are a proud Pasifika-owned and operated digital agency with a mission to help digitise the Pacific.

Moana in many Pasifika languages means Ocean or Sea.   As Pasifika, we know our ancestors had navigated the vast Pacific Ocean to discover our unique and beautiful Pacific islands. Here at Moana Digital Solutions, we want to help you navigate the digital ocean to discover and unlock new and vast opportunities and potential for your unique business and organisation needs and ideas.

We started our journey as an eCommerce business in 2017, serving the Pacific islands through importing of products and providing a small-scale platform for local supermarkets and retailers to access family and friends abroad, to shop locally and hassle-free for their families in the islands. This venture quickly became a journey of learning and discovery of the untapped potential for our Pasifika across the digital technology landscape, and how we need more cost-effective digital solutions tailored to the unique ideas and needs of our Pasifika.

The ever-changing digital landscape may be completely new and unchartered territory to you, or it may even be familiar – no matter where you are in your journey through digital technology, we can assist you towards new discoveries, enhancements and opportunities.

  • Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations
  • These advantages are pixel perfect design & clear code delivered
  • Present your services with flexible, convenient and multipurpose
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