Building Digital Platforms For our Pacific

Building Digital Platforms For our Pacific

Our Work During the Past 12 Months

With the pandemic, many Pacific people organizations and businesses have faced tough times, and some had to reinvent themselves. We are glad to say we have been working hard to help them throughout the process.

Our specialized team have been collaborating with different industries and organisations for the past 12 months with the objective of delivering high-quality digital solutions that can help them achieve their own goals. We designed and created web platforms using custom designs that were adapted to our clients’ specific needs and the brands’ characteristics.

Some of the Industries We Helped

During the past year, we worked with several enterprises, from small to medium-sized. These are some of the industries:

Financial Industry: A Pacific owned finance company contacted us with the need of becoming digital after experiencing a constant decrease in sales due to the current Covid-19 situation. We successfully built their online platform, which gave their customers an alternative channel to acquire their services. With customers now being able to communicate digitally with them and apply online for finance services, sales have increased notoriously.

Charities and non-profit organizations: It’s important that these organisations can transmit what they do in order to encourage people to keep contributing. We have helped several charities and non-profit organizations to create their online platforms to showcase their work to the community. This helped them connect with sponsors and donors to support their cause.

Small businesses: different restaurants, mechanics and eCommerce solutions have also felt the impact of the pandemic, and we were able to help them by designing and building their websites. This built a bridge between these small businesses and their customers, as the latter were able to find them online and request their services.

Education: Because we believe education should be equal for everyone, we are also currently building a mobile application that will allow students access contents and material from anywhere with internet access.

In this day and age, going digital is a must for businesses that want to grow and reach a bigger audience. Digitalisation saves both time and money and allows customers to buy products and services in just a few clicks.

It is our mission to help small-to-medium Pacific enterprises, which are mostly new or just started their journey, to go digital by designing and creating digital solutions. We present you with cost-effective solutions that fit your needs and we offer simple and easy-to-understand user interface (UI) with attractive animations.

Wait no longer and go digital!

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